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Emmys 2016 Best Dressed

Recently the Emmys were celebrated and, of course, all the best celebrities came out wearing the best clothes. I wanted to compile a list of my favourites and some just blew me away!





Got to start with the cutest! The cast of Stranger Things came out in the most amazing clothes, especially Caleb McLaughlin’s jacket! They really made an impression and of course, with the hype of Stranger Things, everyone on social media was excited to see them.





Sofia Vergara looked amazing in this dress! I love the single strap and the details across the chest. Having her hair up really added to the whole look because it meant it didn’t get in the way. Having flashbacks to Beyonce’s look at the Met Gala in 2015.




Priyanka Chopra‘s dress was just amazing and this picture is stunning! The colour was so bright it really made an impression and suited her skin colour so well. Again, the up-do showing off the dress to its full effect works really well!





Laverene Cox looked stunning in this gold dress that went so well with her hair! It’s very classy but also very sexy and just looks amazing on her! I can’t imagine a better person to wear this dress!







I have to talk about Tori Kelly‘s hair! It might be my favourite look of the night. It’s so classy and vintage and the colour is stunning! it suits her so well and I wish I could pull it off!





Kristen Bell‘s very floral dress was a stand out staple. It was pretty, cute, with a little hint of sexy in the plunging neck line. The floral details are beautiful and a great way to still give off a summery vibe as we enter Autumn.






Emilia Clarke looked very classy in this simple nude dress. The colour went so well with her skin colour and just looked so well put together. Emilia has an amazing figure and this dress really shows that off. I love her so much, can you tell?




And finally, another Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner rocking her new blonde hair! I love, love, love her with blonde hair as it suits her skin tone so well! The dress was beautiful as well. Incredibly simple and very gothic. I love the under layers hidden underneath the black lace. The braid down the back makes the front look so sophisticated but with a bohemian vibe from the back.

These were my favourites. What were yours?

Until next time.

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