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October Schedule


This year I’ve decided, as I am a film and TV website, I would review my top horror movies for the month of October. This is because October is Halloween month, and, this gives me the perfect excuse to write about my favourite genre! To add a personal twist to this I have picked out 31 amazing horror movies and I will be reviewing them in order of release (and of course there will be a master post for you too on November 1st!). The first one going all the way back to 1922 (special bonus for anyone who can guess that one) to 2015!

I am so excited for this and every single one of these movies I have picked holds a special place in my heart, whether that be from how well they are done, to how scary they are or just how memorable they can be! I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I have writing them because I am very exciting for this month!

A similar thing will be happening in December too so stay tuned for that!

Happy scares!


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