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The Exorcist Review

I first watched this movie at university with a bunch of uni friends and it was a lot of fun. However, if you watch this movie alone, it’s a lot creepier. When you see certain scenes it’s really understandable why this movie was banned.


The Exorcist follows a young girl who has been playing with a ouija board. She becomes possessed by a demon and her mother uses priests to try and get her daughter back in the end. This movie’s storyline is quite simple, but, what happens on screen is what really makes the movie scary and a bit disturbing.

This movie does stuff that I can’t recall other movies doing. Yes, movies use horrific topics like rape and kidnap all the time but the crucifix scene? The crucifix scene! If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m not going to go into it because I simply can’t without having a mild freak out but it is so horrific and will stay with you for a long time after. The puking scene as well is so gross, but, it’s got nothing on the crucifix scene. However both of these scenes, in their own rights, are ones you have to turn away from because they’re just too hard to watch.

This movie is not a jumpy scary movie, it’s not an anticipation movie, it’s a movie to freak you out. To make you think what would you do in that situation? What if it was your child? And more, this is basically the original exorcism, movies like this have come out quite regularly over the years but being the first really adds a different level to it. Exorcisms can only be dramatised in so many ways and this movie uses so many different tropes of the sub genre its really hard to compare to others because it is so good.


If you want an original horror movie to watch this Halloween I definitely recommend this movie. Yes it’s old and a bit of a classic but it isn’t like other classic movies. This one will really terrify you but maybe not in the ways you think. I thought the movie would be a bit simple, not have many good effects and a bit of a rubbish storyline but I was so wrong. Even though the main storyline may not stick with you forever the little moments of horror definitely will.

What do you think of The Exorcism?

Until next time.


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