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Carrie Review

Carrie is a movie that I’m a bit skeptical on. I feel, because of its message, it’s a bit dated and a bit in poor taste. I still watched it however because I love Stephen King and I know that this movie is a classic and would be very interesting to review. I’d love to hear your opinion on it too.


Carrie follows a girl called Carrie (obviously) who is bullied at school. At the beginning of the movie she gets her period and at the same time learns she has telekinetic powers. She is brought up in a very religious household so when her mother learns of her ‘womanhood’ she starts treating her like a sinner and in the end tries to kill her (right?!). Carrie’s bullies decide at prom that they will rig it for her to become prom queen and then dump pig’s blood over her. This pushes Carrie over the edge and she massacres her classmates with her powers.

This is a very interesting movie as it shows how bad bullying can be and, really, karma. The bullies are terrible people and Carrie definitely wins the war there by literally killing them but, at the same time, the way she gets her powers annoys me.

She doesn’t realise she has these powers until she gets her period. This almost makes it seem like women who are on their period are crazy and will kill people. I mean, this is just how I see it but with life these days and all the ‘are you on your period?’ jokes when you’re just having a bad day relates back to this movie. I’m quite happy for her to have powers and to take her revenge on her classmates, sure, but to relate it to her period? Now that just seems in bad taste.


What you have to remember is this movie was released in the 70s. Of course, different values and ideas were rampant then, so people will obviously have a different opinion of women and their periods but it still seems in bad taste. Not all women are crazy people on their periods, sometimes it’s not even their period that is the issue, it’s the person stood in front of them being a bit of an idiot.

Maybe I’m taking this out of context and putting too much of a feminist twist on it but when you really get down to the nitty gritty of the movie that’s what it is saying. Don’t not watch this movie just because it’s in a bit of bad taste as it is a very, very good movie. But, a female empowerment movie? A movie about a girl who takes her revenge and that makes her awesome? This is definitely not what the movie is. The movie is glorifying emotional disturbances during your period and that’s not right, but, it’s still a good movie. Maybe they just shouldn’t have remade it.

What do you think of Carrie?

Until next time.


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