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The Shining Review

The Shining is an amazing movie don’t get me wrong. It’s scary, really interesting and definitely one to remember, but I just find it so hard to watch. 

The Shining follow Jack an aspiring writer who gets a job at a remote hotel. Overtime Jack becomes crazy and starts trying to kill his family. His son, Danny, has a gift to see the future and this creates some terrifying images. 

The storyline is pretty simple really, it’s about a man’s descent into madness and what happens to him and his family. At the start he is a respectable man but as things get weird so does his mindset. 

I have such a hard time watching this movie because it is just so long! Nearly three hours is a long time to sit through one storyline and even though it is interesting you could easily look at the gifs and memes on the internet and just as easily understand it. This movie has been referenced and parodied so many times even if you hadn’t seen it you still feel like you had. 

I think this movie is really entertaining and a good watch but it is just so long! Would I recommend it? Yes of course! This is a movie everyone should watch at least once but make sure you have snacks or you’re going to get hungry! 

This movie is a classic and even understanding the ins and outs of production makes it even more interesting. 

What’d you think of The Shining?

Until next time. 


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