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Poltergeist Review

Poltergeist is a movie that everyone knows, whether it be by the actual movie or all the spooky stuff that went on behind the scenes. Poltergeist is incredibly interesting and a movie that you should definitely watch. 

The Freelings family start finding ghostly happenings in their home that start out pretty friendly. The standard opening of cupboards and moving objects. Things become sinister however when the ghosts kidnap the youngest child, Carol Anne, the family call upon a paranormal investigator to try and get her back. 

The story is quite complex with lots of little twists and turns by the ghosts including the kidnapping as well as hallucinations and inanimate objects coming to life (that clown is terrifying!). 

Poltergeist opened up a new wave of horror that has sparked a lot of new paranormal movies. It’s the original that weirdly used real skeletons in their production possibly causing an actual paranormal disturbance that turned deadly. 

The only issue I find with this movie is the incredibly bad CGI moments. Including the hallucination scene and the random flying objects. I think you should watch this movie because it is a classic. It’s one of those 80s movies everyone has to see and it’s a bit of fun too if you don’t want to be too terrified on Halloween. Be wary of that clown though!

What do you think of Poltergeist?

Until next time. 


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