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Cube Review

I stumbled upon Cube one evening when there was nothing else to watch. Branded the Original Saw I was obviously intrigued. I watched it with interested eyes and was not disappointed. 

Cube follows a group of people who wake up in a giant cube. Almost like a Rubik’s cube. The group have to make their way through the cube and get out without dying. The thing is, certain rooms have traps that will kill you instantly. As the group makes their way through these rooms people become deranged and try to kill others. It’s a very interesting tale that really makes you question the human psyche and how we deal with stressful situations. 

I love the Cube. Cube is very well done and with an hour and a half run time it doesn’t go on for too long. The ending is a bit of an anticlimax and you never really know what happens to the characters in the end. It is like an original Saw especially with the traps and the fear of what may be around the next corner. It’s a very interesting story that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat, especially when you start to get to know, and empathise with the characters. 

Would I recommend this movie? Definitely. It’s such a great story and very simply well done. It’s not too hard to understand but the turmoils and suffering the people go through will have you captivated. If you need a movie to watch tonight: watch this! 

What do you think of Cube? 

Until next time. 


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