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The Others Review

The Others is an incredibly interesting movie. From the characters to the storyline to the twist ending it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Nicole Kidman shines in her role and if you like ghost movies, this is one you should definitely watch!


Nicole Kidman stars as a mother who has two young children. The children have a disease meaning that they cannot go out in direct sunlight. The mother keeps them under strict and almost religious rules to keep them out of harms way. She hires servants to tend to the home and her family but overtime the mother starts to believe that her home is being haunted. People begin to appear in her house causing the mother to go into a frenzy until it is revealed in the end that her two children and herself are in fact dead and have been haunting the house themselves!


This movie is so interesting because there are so many twists and turns to it. The old feel of it being set in 1945 is incredibly eerie and the use of oil lamps and darkness really adds to the atmosphere. There are plenty of great jump scares and the twist at the end makes you wonder how you didn’t work it out for yourself.

Even though you know the twist at the end it is still nice to go back and find all the little clues and moments you may have missed the first time.  This is a movie I can’t recommend enough because it is so well done. The acting is wonderful and even though it is a conventional ghost story it feels almost fresh and not overdone.

What do you think of The Others?

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