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Dead Silence Review

Dead Silence is one of my all time favourite horror movies. It’s jumpy, with an interesting storyline and compelling characters. Really, there’s nothing more that you need from a horror movie. From the great twisted mind of James Wan it even has a twist in the end!


Dead Silence is about a woman called Mary Shaw. She had a famous poem written about her:

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw.

She had no children, only dolls.

And if you see her do not scream;

Or she’ll rip your tongue out, at the seam.

And if you see her remember this,

The only thing that can stop her is dead silence

So as you can see Mary Shaw had a lot of dolls that she treated like children. Mary was accused of killing a boy in the town she lived in and was killed by a mob of people who cut out her tongue. Now, her spirit haunts her dolls and she kills her victims through cutting out their tongues. She goes after a certain individual specifically. A man called Jamie. She targets him because his family were part of the ones who killed her. But, nothing is as it seems, as there is a twist in the end that to be honest I didn’t even expect but absolutely loved.

Dead Silence is a brilliant movie. The storyline is very intricate without getting confusing and there is just enough horror to not get you bored or de-sensitised to the jump scares. The lore of it all is very interesting and because there are so many little storylines and sub plots. From Jamie’s wife to Henry and Marion Walker to even Mary Shaw’s story herself, there are so many little things to pick up on it keeps you interested throughout the whole movie.


If you don’t like dolls you will have a lot of fun with this movie. I think that’s one of the most terrifying parts is, because Mary Shaw is living within them, even though they move and do things they always have the same expression and wide eyes giving it a real eerie feel. The way the dolls are painted and made to look is very distinctive that those wide eyes and crazed expressions will stay with you for ages after watching the movie.

This is one of my favourite horrors so of course I’m going to recommend it! I don’t think enough people have seen this movie so you should go and watch it straight away. Be prepared for lots of jump scares, a great twisted storyline and an even greater twist!

What do you think of Dead Silence?

Until next time.


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