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Mirrors Review

Mirrors is a movie that terrifies me but isn’t actually a very good movie. The idea of the movie is horrifying and will literally stay with you for days, or even in my case, years afterwards. You really have to watch it to really create an opinion on it.


Mirrors follows the story of Ben Carson who takes up a new job as a night watchman. Things start to get strange when he notices mirrors cracking on their own and his reflection not following him properly. Ben lives with his wife and his family who also encounter these weird happenings. Ben tries to find out what the mirrors want (which in my opinion is a weird development that didn’t make much sense) and until he does his family will be tormented and even killed. The worst scene of this movie is the jaw scene. If you haven’t seen it, be prepared.

The thing with Mirrors is that the movie isn’t that scary but the idea behind it is. The thought that the person you are looking at in your reflection isn’t actually you and has the power to kill you is absolutely terrifying. Even looking into a mirror or a darkened window is incredibly hard to do after watching this movie. It plays on your mind: why is my reflection looking at me like that? Did they just move when I didn’t? It’s truly horrifying.


The mirrors point to all this is to come into our world. A demon is trapped there and they want to come back and reek havoc on the world as we know it. This was a bit gimmicky, a bit weird and didn’t fit with the main storyline. If the demon could kill us and take over our bodies from the mirror version to the real life version that would be terrifying, especially as you would not be able to tell who is who. Maybe that’s a bit vampire-esque however because what would then happen to their reflection?

Should you watch this movie? Yes if you want to find it hard to look at yourself for the next few days. The movie is terrible but the idea is great and that’s what saves it. Would I watch it more than once? No, unless my mind needs a refresh. Now, after writing this review, I’m not going to be able to look in a mirror for the rest of the week!

What do you think of Mirrors?

Until next time.

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