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The Strangers Review

The Strangers is a movie that looked really interesting. It had an interesting enough storyline and good tense moments, but watching it, it just fell flat. Quite a shame really.


The Strangers is based on a ‘true story’ apparently. A couple go to a secluded location (bit of a cliche) to try and sort out their relationship. While there a woman comes to the door asking for some random person. Obviously not a person this couple knows. She returns a couple more times asking the same question which is more odd than sinister. Soon people in creepy marks start stalking the couple in their home. In the end they kill the couple, well almost, James is dead but Kristen is still barely alive and is able to provide one last jump scare.

I have a few issues with this movie but the biggest one is that nothing really happens. It’s all about the suspense but it goes on for so long you are almost praying for something to happen just to get it going a bit. The based on a true story is meant to add a lot of fear to the audience but didn’t really add a lot as it’s pretty obvious by the type of movie that it could happen to anyone. It seems some directors don’t believe a fictional story is scary enough.


There was a lot of forced tension and possibly moments that may have sounded scary in pre production but getting down and watching it just didn’t have the same effect. In some ways it would have been nice for it to be a fictional story and for maybe one of the characters getting away or changing something about what is happening to them. Maybe even a twist where they’re part of it and are taking revenge out on their partner or something…now that’d be interesting.

Should you watch The Strangers? Only if there’s nothing else to watch. There are so many better horror movies out there why waste time with a mediocre one?

What did you think of The Strangers?

Until next time.

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