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Human Centipede Review

Oh, how I have been wanting to review this movie…hahahahhahaha. This movie is so messed up even thinking about it makes me want to throw up. I reviewed Saw recently, now, that movie began the gore horror genre really, but this movie, this movie took that gore sub genre and made it a 1000x times worse. If you haven’t seen this movie, please look away now to preserve your innocence.


The Human Centipede starts with two girls who are lost in Europe. They stumble upon a house to try and call someone to get help. The man who answers the door is a crazy doctor who has had an idea of making a centipede out of people. These two girls soon become part of this disgusting idea. The plan is to cut their mouths to make them a wide hole and then sew it to the other person’s anus (send help, I can’t believe I am typing this). This then makes a centipede as each person is connected through one tube basically and their arms and legs make the legs of the centipede. In the first movie he only does it with three people but as the series continues it is built up more and more until a whole prison yard is turned into a centipede.


Sorry for the image above, it was one of the least awful ones I could find. The Human Centipede is a brilliant movie in ways, the way everything seems so realistic is almost scary and makes you second guess what is real and what isn’t. This movie uses a lot of surgical moments and seeing the needles and sewing that happens is quite cleverly done.

Clearly, however, whoever came up with this idea clearly has something messed up in their head either in a brilliant or wildly disturbing way. The creator must’ve known this movie would be incredibly controversial and would get a lot of press and that’s probably what they were hoping for. Some movies become famous because they’re beautiful or innovative or memorable and some become famous just because of how twisted they are. Saw did it, and clearly the Human Centipede did it too.

Should you watch it? I’ll leave that choice up to you. I’ve watched it once, never seen the sequels, but I would never watch it again. It’s something that I don’t regret watching because it was great to theorise and look into as a media student but to watch it for fun? Yeah, no. I’d rather not thank you very much.

What do you think of the Human Centipede?

Until next time.

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