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Insidious Review

Insidious was the first horror movie I saw in a cinema and I must admit I spent more time staring down at my popcorn with my hands over my ears then I did watching this movie. It terrified me and it still terrifies me watching it six years on. This is a piece of horror that you should definitely see.


Insidious follows a little boy called Dalton who has been in a coma for a few months. His mother Renai starts finding creepy things about him like blood that disappears and creepy people in her home. She starts to suspect that ghost are haunting her home so calls on an expert, Elise, to check it out. Her husband is skeptical but lets her go on with it anyway. Elise finds that Dalton is astro-projecting (no, stay with me here) and because his body is technically an empty vessel demons are trying to take it over. It turns out that his dad had the same power but they made him forget it in his subconscious so he would not be taken over. Because the dad has this power he is sent into this other world to try and bring Dalton back. Which he does. But, the ending isn’t all good as he has also brought back his demon too, an old women who in the end possesses him. Do I hear sequel? Well 3 sequels actually…

This movie is actually really terrifying. You wouldn’t expect it to be as scary as it is but it really does terrify your socks off! It’s not even that cliche or overdone either. Each jump scare and moment of anticipation is worth it and works with the overall story too. The demons within the movie are incredibly creepy and they even use good old Tiny Tim’s Tiptoe Through the Tulips (a song I can’t even listen to without crying because it’s so creepy!) to add some more tension to the movie.


Should you watch this movie? Oh definitely. If you haven’t already you are missing out on a really good horror. Some of the sequels are good too but they get a bit convoluted towards the end especially as it’s basically the same story over and over again. This movie, however, could easily become a classic within a few years and it really deserves that title.

What do you think of Insidious?

Until next time.


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