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Tucker and Dale vs Evil Review

When I first heard about this movie I was apprehensive to watch. This movie seemed like a  bit of pointless garbage but finally I caved and watched it. Tucker and Dale vs Evil is a piece of cinema gold and you need to watch it. It’s also a great movie if you don’t like full on horror movies (but don’t mind a bit of gore).


Tucker and Dale vs Evil follows the story of Tucker and Dale who are two hillbillies off on a fishing trip in a cabin in the woods. At the same time a group of cliche teenagers including the jock, the blonde and the token black guy, spend time in the same area. While out skinny dipping one of the group bumps her head and starts drowning. Tucker and Dale who are out on their boat save her but the group take it as if the pair are going to kill her. Throughout the movie the group then try and get her friend back but all start dying accidentally in very funny ways. All the while Tucker and Dale are plagued by this ‘suicidal cult’ as they call it and just try to enjoy their fishing trip (and trying to win over the pretty girl they saved).

This movie understands horrors to a T. It’s cliche characters and dialogue is hilarious and the way people die is just amazing, especially as it’s very easy to see it from either side of the story. The two main characters are brilliant over the top versions of the simpletons they portray and the confusion of the whole situation just works so well.


I may be wrong but I feel like not enough people have seen this movie. It’s a stroke of brilliance that isn’t appreciated enough. What is even better about this movie is that if you don’t enjoy proper horror movies this is perfect. It’s not scary at all and the gore you see is more gimmicky than horrific. It’s a great movie to watch with your friends.

Would I recommend it? Oh yes! It’s fun, a bit weird at times and just very clever. Oh and it has a plot twist! Didn’t expect that from a horror parody movie did you?

Have you seen Tucker and Dale vs Evil? What do you think of it?

Until next time.

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