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Sinister Review

Sinister is a fairly recent horror movie but is on par with all the classics we know and love. Sinister, although relatable to other horrors, feels like it brings something new and different to the table. It has an interesting story and pretty good actors. Just don’t watch the sequel.


Sinister follows Ellison a true horror writer who moves into a new home with his family. The house is a home where a family hung themselves and Ellison wants to find out why. Within the house Ellison finds some old tapes that show horrific things on them including the hanging as well as families being drowned and burnt alive. In each of these tapes Ellison notices one person who is known as Mr Boogie. Ellison starts his research into Mr Boogie and at the same time starts hearing noises around his house. It turns out that if you see Mr Boogie he will come after your family and steal your children. Ellison moves out of the house as the hauntings grow with his family but it turns out that is just what Mr Boogie wants. He takes over Ellison’s daughter who kills her family before Mr Boogie takes her away with the other children.

What makes this movie so good is the suspense. There are so many little moments that amount to nothing or red herrings that when there is a real jump scare it hits you 10x harder. The use of old video tapes is an interesting one as many good horrors use artefacts and hand me downs to show horror (just look at The Conjuring or The Woman in Black). The tapes seem to add a new level to the horror too, one that a usual DVD or Blu-ray set would not do.


The use of children is a common occurrence in horrors but to have the child actually do the killing, now that’s scary. The way in which these deaths occur too are so real and shocking it really adds to the fear. You get to see every detail and I find the hanging one of the worst as you can see their legs dangling and swinging as they are being strangled.

This is a horror you should definitely watch as it is so well done. The cinematography is incredibly clever and the jump scares, though cliche, are very scary. Even the look of Mr Boogie is terrifying. I wouldn’t recommend the sequel however as it loses all interest in the movie. The storyline and ending is just dumb and I can’t even begin to describe what a disappointment that movie was. If you want a full review you can read that here.

What do you think of Sinister?

Until next time.


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