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Unfriended Review

Unfriended is a different type of horror. It really brings horror into the 21st century.But, much like The Ring, it could easily become dated.


So,  before I get into the main story, the back story. A girl called Laura kills herself because of a video that was uploaded to YouTube. She kills herself because in this video is a lot of embarrassing moments from a drunken night out and people were commenting really harsh things.

The happenings of the movie are set on the anniversary of Laura’s death. Five friends (six if you include Val) start a conversation on Skype as kids do but this time something’s different. The spirit of Laura has joined their group chat and is trying to find out who uploaded the video that caused her to kill herself. None of the friends will admit they did anything wrong so they are killed off one by one, Laura makes them kill themselves in ways that look like suicide.

Finally only two friends are left, Mitch and Blaire. One of them uploaded the video but neither will admit it. Finally, as it is revealed who did upload the video, all the friends end up dead.


This movie is quite simple, I mean it’s just friends being killed off by an unknown killer, but the difference is it’s set completely on a computer screen. I have a Macbook so watching this movie was so interesting because there is no moment, apart from the very end, where you see anything but the computer screen. Blaire is the screen we’re looking at and the audience can see her flicking back and forth through Facebook, Google, Skype and a bunch of other web pages. It’s a very well done and interesting way of filming and really immerses the audience into the story. I can’t imagine it having the same effect however in the cinema.

The way they filmed the actual film was new and very clever too. They had the actors in separate rooms of one house and they would film on Go Pros in real time talking to each other. This meant they could just film and re-film the footage again and again and pick and choose which moments they liked best.

The story is interesting. It talks a lot about bullying and why you shouldn’t do it but I found the end a bit underwhelming. If they had the person who uploaded the video to live and then they have to deal with what they put Laura through that would’ve been very solid but to kill them off anyway? That’s not really a pay off in my mind and it was a bit quick.

The actual deaths were a bit weird too. I mean who kills themselves by putting their head on a blender or shoving a straightener down their throat? If I was investigating these deaths I’d find them very suspicious.

I digress however, this movie is very good and very fun to watch. It has a slow burn but once it gets into the main story and people start dying it gets really good.

What do you think of Unfriended?

Until next time.


  1. I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected when seeing it at the cinema. As you mentioned it was a very interesting way to do it, hopefully can make teenagers really think about how they treat each other! I have an iMac as well so found it strange considering that is my exact set up!


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