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It Follows Review

It Follows was a huge cult movie that attracted a lot of attention. I know what you’re thinking however, it’s halloween! Why are you not reviewing Halloween? Well, not only does it not work with my order but I did it last year so you can read that here. It Follows however is a great movie to end on, a supernatural STI?! Who wouldn’t love that?!

it follows 9.jpg

(How cool is that poster though?!) It Follows follows (oh see what I did there?) the story of Jay, a young girl who goes on a date with a lad called Hugh. They end up having sex but things take a sinister turn when it turns out that Hugh has a certain type of STI. It’s a demon that follows you forever unless you pass on the curse through sex again. How lovely. Jay then informs her friends who try and help her not get killed by this demon STI (I love that phrase!).

Basically that’s It Follows in its simplest form. It Follows is a great movie and even though it’s very recent (2014) it is very reminiscent of old John Carpenter movies from the 80s. This movie doesn’t have an actual date on it really, it’s almost timeless without its use of iPhones and modern technology.

This movie is so tense! It’s basically a shapeshifting demon following a young girl but obviously, because it shape shifts, you never really know who it could be or in the end if it is even gone! Having actors just randomly walk towards the characters or the camera is terrifying and you are really kept on your toes hoping that these teens can get away from what is after them.


This movie is incredibly clever and has a lot of good moments. Yes there are things like jump scares and other horror cliches but they are done really well and not completely overused. There’s a reason this movie was so popular.

If you haven’t seen It Follows yet you should definitely watch it. It’ll make you more mindful of who you sleep with and make you question the people around you. What if you already have the disease but your demon is stuck on the other side of the world? Don’t have nightmares.

What do you think of It Follows?

Until next time.


  1. It Follows is a horror film with an important theme about sex. I agree: “It’ll make you more mindful of who you sleep with.” I can’t think of any horror movie that has that kind of underlying message.

    Allegorically, the monster is an STD or STI.

    The movie feels like it is set in the 1980s because none of the characters used cell phones. However, someone told me in the classroom scene, one character had an E-reader. I also can’t remember how the girl in the opening scene phoned her parents. Did she use a cell phone?

    I wrote a short essay (550 words) on It Follows called “The Dangers of Casual Sex.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback:


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