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Buster the Boxer is this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert! It’s very heartwarming and, with all the madness we’ve had throughout the year with politics and celebrities, it’s a nice change from the more hard hitting stuff on TV.


The advert follows the story of Buster the boxer on Christmas Eve. He watches his little owner jump on her bed before her mum tells her to go to sleep. Her dad is busy preparing a trampoline outside for her to jump on instead, ready for Christmas Day. Surprisingly, two foxes, a badger, a squirrel, and a hedgehog turn up and have a quick go on the trampoline as Buster watches on. In the morning, they have departed, and the little girl runs out to have a go herself only to be pushed aside by Buster who wants his own go on the trampoline. Set to a cover of ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ from Moulin Rouge Buster is having the time of his life. John Lewis then reminds us of the presents that ‘everyone can enjoy’.

Reading through the comments on this short film a lot of people seem to see it as anti-climactic. After last year’s short film of The Man on the Moon this one doesn’t really hold up. But I see it differently. Of course people love a good moral message but sometimes you just need a bit of sunshine in the dreary grey that is life. With everything going on at the moment isn’t it just lovely to have a carefree dog that is enjoying life? The scene is covered in snow so you can’t say it’s not Christmassy and the animation of the animals is stunning!


Yes it may not be as hard hitting as other years but if we really look back, what do John Lewis adverts teach us? The Bear and the Hare was all about spending time with friends and family, Monty the Penguin about your loved ones, girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands/wives alike. The Man on the Moon was about the elderly and making sure that no one is forgotten at Christmas. And finally…Buster the Boxer.

Buster the Boxer?

Well that’s about being carefree and enjoying yourself as is. You don’t need a big present or a big family to enjoy Christmas. All you need is a bit of whimsical fun and the spirit to enjoy the things and people around you.

It may not be the hardest hitting John Lewis advert going, but it is certainly one to enjoy and can be enjoyed by the whole family.

What do you think of Buster the Boxer?

Until next time.


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