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Kevin the Carrot

Kevin the Carrot was the first Christmas advert I saw this year. It was brought to our screens by Aldi and honestly, I secretly prefer this one to the John Lewis one!


Kevin the Carrot follows the story of Kevin…the carrot. A little orange vegetable that wishes to meet Santa. He takes on the incredible adventure of getting over the Christmas dinner and next to Santa’s mince pie. Once there he falls asleep and wakes up flying through the air spurring on the Reindeer and making sure Santa delivers all his presents.

This advert is so cute! It may be my favourite Christmas advert so far as it is so heartwarming and Christmassy. Not only does it incorporate Santa and snow and Christmas but also a piece of the Christmas meal that often goes overlooked. I mean, would it have made the same effect if it was Kevin the Turkey? It would almost have been more sinister!


Kevin the Carrot makes Christmas feel all magical without being too commercialised. Of course it had to be around food because it is Aldi but to do a little Christmas story instead of a normal, basic advert gives me a lot of hope for their advertising team. Kevin is so cute he will definitely get a lot of people, especially me, enjoying the carrots with their Christmas dinner more.

What do you think of Kevin the Carrot?

Until next time.


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