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Marks and Spencer dazzled our screens with a beautiful Christmas advert centring around Mrs Claus instead of Santa. This is a year of powerful women and who’s more powerful at Christmas than Mrs Claus?


The advert follows a little boy called Jake who has an older sister. He writes to Mrs Claus after the dog eats her favourite pair of shoes. Mrs Claus hops onto her helicopter and flies over to Jake’s home to deliver the shoes. Rather than going down the chimney, she walks to the tree and puts the present there herself. Jake and his sister don’t get on well but he loves her incredibly and she absolutely loves the shoes. Mrs Claus returns home and pretends to have slept the night. Her husband asks her how her night was to which she replies ‘You know, quiet’.

This advert may be my favourite Christmas advert this year. It has everything from a beautiful story to stunning images and overall feels very Christmassy. That was the issue with a lot of people with the John Lewis advert, it just didn’t feel Christmassy enough. Now, with this one, it definitely does.


The story centres around family which is always an important subject as well as strong, independent women like Mrs Claus. It’s a traditional thought to think that women do a lot of work around Christmas too from the dinner to the decorations etc. so to see a strong, independent woman on screen is a great thing. And sometimes, with certain presents they do need a woman’s touch!

What’s your favourite Christmas advert this year?

Until next time.

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