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Beauty and the Beast Trailer Review

It’s been common knowledge for sometime now that a live action Beauty and the Beast movie would be coming to cinemas next year. However, yesterday was the day that the first trailer emerged and people were very opinionated on it. Some loved it, some hated it, but myself? I see a lot of potential and the beginnings of a great movie.


From the trailer it is clear that they seem to be following the storyline from the original fairytale which I am a big fan of. The original movie was a classic but this one doesn’t seem to be rushed or a waste of time. The scenery is stunning and the casting choices seem wonderful. I am unsure of the Beast at the present time because he seems too nice. In the original I remember him being really gruff and foreboding but in this one, not so much.

The difference between the living ornaments was always going to be weird especially seeing as when they are animated they can be cute and cuddly, but in a live action version they need to be more realistic. I like the look of Lumiere and Cogsworth but I do find Chip and Mrs Potts a bit odd. Having Mrs Potts’ face on the side of the teapot instead of the front will definitely take some getting used to. I am also intrigued about whether they will keep the musical numbers as I know they didn’t really in the Jungle Book. I think it’d definitely be a good thing if they did.


Beauty and the Beast is a classic Disney movie so I am excited to see what they do with it and what more of the trailers show us. Yes, it could be seen as a waste that they stick to the same storyline as the original and just make it live action but I think it’ll be a very good movie. I feel I will get high expectations for this one as more information is released.

What do you think of Beauty and the Beast?

Until next time.

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