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Waitrose Christmas Advert Review

This could easily be my favourite Christmas advert this year. Every time I watch it, it makes me cry and I can guarantee, if you haven’t seen it, you will cry too.


The Waitrose advert follows a little robin on his way to a home where they leave out mince pies for the birds. This robin goes on a dangerous adventure to get home including being attacked by an eagle and almost drowning and being trodden on, on a boat. Thankfully, in the end he returns home to be greeted by another robin who shares the mince pie with him. All is well and everyone is able to enjoy Christmas.

This advert is so beautiful! From the music to the images to the CGI, everything about it is perfect! I find it crazy that adverts can look and be this good all for 30 seconds. You feel so much hope and determination for this little guy it really makes you connect and worry about him as he goes on his adventure. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and of course covered in snow. The storyline is just something that really tugs at your heart strings and makes you feel so much love for a little animated bird.


Waitrose really outdid themselves with this advert. Reminding everyone that Christmas is a time to be with loved ones, whether human or animal, and nothing should stop that from happening. This is what Christmas is all about, and of course, as it’s a bird we feel so much more for him than we would if it was a human family. Especially as the dangers he goes through can be so much more than what a human would have to face.

What do you think of the Waitrose advert?

Until next time.


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