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Lidl Christmas Advert Review

Lidl’s Christmas advert has caused a lot of controversy especially within the vegan community. Recently, they added another extra little advert but I don’t think it really helped with the situation.


Lidl have bought out new types of adverts recently where they take ‘real people’ who think their food is made in derelict and horrible ways and prove them wrong. This includes steak, mussels and broccoli to name a few. For Christmas they thought it wise to use the staple of a Christmas dinner, the turkey. They showed their turkeys in a cheerful way, happily frolicking around a large field where they get to eat berries and apples. Cue suddenly a change of image when the woman from the advert is then seen sat down at a table eating a turkey she could very well have seen earlier alive in that field.

A lot of people became incredibly irate with this advert because they saw it as distasteful. How could people go from seeing these happy little birds alive and well to suddenly chewing their skin off their dead carcass?

Lidl then released another advert for people who don’t like turkey. I thought this’d be nice, showing alternatives to the meat traditionally served. But no, instead they showed lobster and goose. Yes they did show maybe one vegetarian dish but that was all. Not very varied for their very varied shoppers.


What do I think of this whole ordeal? Well not to annoy anyone hopefully I don’t see much wrong with it. Isn’t it better to know that animals are being treated well before their death? I’d rather see that than the same old battery farms we have come accustomed to. However, there are so many alternate food choices out there nowadays for Christmas why just show a turkey? Or just show meat alternatives? It’s not all about nut roasts these days, there are so many varieties of dietary foods why not give the audience something new to think about and try?

I think Lidl were a bit off mark with this advert. Yes it goes with the rest of them but does the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert go with their others? Or Marks and Spencer? No. So why does this one have to?

What do you think of the Lidl Christmas advert?

Until next time.

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