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Banned Baked Beans!

Heinz’s newest advert has been banned! Thanks to 9 people complaining. Now, this wouldn’t really be big news unless you’ve seen the advert and, like me, are wondering why it is banned.

If you look back over banned TV adverts a lot are a bit crude or too sexy or a bit weird. This one however, has different groups of people in their homes banging on the cans of beans and singing. Much like the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect. The advert has been banned however because viewers believe it could be harmful to children and dangerous.

But how?

I mean, I kind of get it, when a can is opened it does have sharp edges so banging on it could cause cuts but nothing too serious. But, in the advert, and in videos online where people have recreated it, they are using unopened cans. And at the start of the advert (at least on Youtube) it tells you to be safe and tape it up if opened. I mean, it’s common sense really isn’t it?


I think the issue is people are too sensitive and like to find things to complain about (even if they’re the smallest things in the world). The cup song and this advert are just fun little things to do. Us, as humans, have always loved music so making music out of something as simple as a can is incredibly clever and easy to do. It’ll also keep your kids entertained while you’re making dinner. It’s simple common sense too. If you don’t want your kids cutting themselves, don’t give them open cans! It’s not exactly monkey see, monkey do either. And really, unless a child is given an opened can, I doubt they’ll be able to work out how to use a can opener (I barely can and I’m 21!).

What do you think of the Heinz advert?

Until next time.

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