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The Missing Review

Now if you’ve been watching The Missing can I just say: how much of a whirl wind was that?! The Missing may be the best TV show to come out of this year, and, in comparison to the first series…this one ended in such an amazing way! Don’t worry I won’t give any spoilers.

The Missing follows Julien Baptiste, a private detective who has been interested in a story about a missing girl called Alice Webster. Alice surprisingly turns up again at the start of the series but not all is as it seems when Julien believes she is not who she says she is. This becomes a huge storyline where Baptiste travels literally around the world in search of answers. This also brings up similar cases, including the missing girl Sophie Giroux, and what her whereabouts could be.

This series was absolutely phenomenal! Not only did they have cliffhangers at the end of every episode (thanks for that by the way! The amount of sleepless nights I had trying to find answers!) they had the story cut between present day and 2014 to really put you on edge on what’s happening and how it has changed over time.

This story really looked into all the different ways people can be changed by a disappearance. Especially when the person who disappeared returns. It goes from the parents’ split and affairs not being able to deal with the loss of their child to the then squabbles over the mystery as to whether she is really their’s thanks to gut feelings.

It also deals with the other side. Of course, as we see in the first episode, Alice was abducted, and we see that side of Stockholm Sydrome and how even the captor can be lost in their own fantasy of the lie they have built up around themselves. It also shows how some of the best people can easily be monsters and the issues we face around people who should be our saviours but are really are our own living hell.

One thing I do have to comment on is the ending. I won’t give anything away but even in that last hour I was screaming at the TV and piecing things together. Some parts seemed a bit flimsy, like the clues they find and how they piece things together, but overall it was an amazing ending. Even in the last moments the show still had me shocked to the core at what was happening and I found it quite unbelievable as you would never see what happened coming.

If you haven’t watched The Missing I urge you to. It is the best TV series I have ever watched and this series is definitely the better of the two. It’s such an interesting tale with so many twists and turns it’ll definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

What did you think of The Missing?

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