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Krampus Review

Krampus is a fairly new horror film. It is based off the old legend that basically says Krampus is the opposite of Santa. As Santa gives good children sweets and presents Krampus takes away the bad children. In this movie however, instead of just stealing the bad children away, he kills their entire family.


Krampus follows the story of Max who has given up on Christmas. He wishes Christmas was how it used to be when he was younger and rips up his letter to Santa, throwing it out the window. A dark cloud forms over the house and all the power goes out from this act being performed. In the morning an abundance of creepy snowman are seen outside the family home but no one appears to have built them. Soon Krampus starts killing off members of the family by himself and by an array of odd and very scary toys including a clown (obviously), a jack-in-the-box and even a gingerbread cookie man!

In the end Max wakes up in his room – was it all a dream?


Well, Max heads downstairs to where his family are. They believe it is all over but really they are trapped inside a snow globe and Krampus is watching them. Creepy right? A bit weird too, but overall creepy.


Krampus is an interesting tale that at some parts is a bit convoluted. The creepy toys are just a bit ridiculous in my opinion and almost laughable. Yes they fit into the storyline but they’re just a bit weird, stick to Chucky for the creepy dolls if I were you. The ending was interesting but also a bit eh if you think about it. Oh no! They’re trapped to spend Christmas together everyday for the rest of their lives! Oh no! How horrific! Do you sense the sarcasm?

I do have one question though: does that mean they get unlimited Christmas dinners? Because I would not mind that.

This movie is an interesting watch with a few good scares and an interesting antagonist. The idea that it’s based off a traditional legend as well gives it that extra edge against other horror Christmas films, and the fact that it at least tries to take itself seriously.

You want something new with new CGI and an adequate storyline? Try this one, just try not to laugh at the evil toys like I did.

What do you think of Krampus?

Until next time.

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