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The Polar Express

Not going to lie. The Conductor of the train used to give me nightmares.


The Polar Express is a fairly new Christmas movie having come out in 2004. I remember distinctly when it came out and not caring for it too much.

The Polar Express is a train that travels to the North Pole on Christmas Eve to Santa. A young boy boards the train and gets to meet Santa in his home land where he receives a present. A sleigh bell. He then returns home and finds presents under the tree from Santa.


The story isn’t the most complex but the rest of the movie certainly makes up for that. From the stunning CGI (save a few creepy characters) and the overall warmth and happiness you feel when you see Santa it has a lot to offer. It also gives children hope of Santa coming on Christmas Eve and what the North Pole is really like (spoiler….it isn’t this festive).

It also introduced a whole new wave of weird toys, I mean, what kid wants to get a sleigh bell for Christmas? Well after watching this movie apparently all of them!

This is definitely a lovely movie to snuggle up with, with your children on Christmas Eve and get them all excited for Santa’s arrival. Make sure they don’t stay up until midnight to go on the Polar Express though!

What do you think of The Polar Express?

Until next time.

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