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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Here we are folks, the final day of Blogmas! Yes we may have missed a few days…whoops, and some movies may have been a bit sub par but we made it! Of course, it being Christmas Eve Eve (thanks Friends), I had to finish it off with, not the night before Christmas, but the Nightmare Before Christmas! (See what I did there?)


The Nightmare Before Christmas is a brilliant Christmas movie! But it’s not based around Christmas as much as you may think.

We start off in Halloween Town, a pleasant place full of Halloween ghosts and ghouls. They live during the time of Halloween which is normal for them until Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, wanders too far and finds doors into other worlds.

He enters Christmas Town and finds a world completely new and different to his own. He wants to take over Christmas and returns to Halloween Town with his ideas. He even plans for Sandy Claws “Santa Claus” to be kidnapped so he can be the new Sandy Claws. His plan doesn’t work however when he realises he has no clue about Christmas. He’s shot out of the sky and decides to return home and set Sandy Claws free. Oh and there’s a love story in there too….doesn’t really add much to the overall plot does it?


The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stunning movie! It’s all stop motion which seems crazy as it is so flawlessly done and the characters are incredibly detailed. Like I said with the love story between Jack Skellington and Sally it was a bit random but also very sweet and really, any movie needs a love story doesn’t it?

The musical numbers are and will always be my favourite part of this movie. They’re incredibly catchy, everyone knows them, and they’re not too overdone that they become annoying.

This movie is one that’d be great to watch on Christmas Eve as it is the Nightmare Before Christmas! Have a good old sing along with your friends and family and welcome Santa down the chimney, as long as Jack Skellington hasn’t kidnapped him again of course!

What do you think of The Nightmare Before Christmas?

I hope you’ve enjoyed Blogmas and I wish you a very merry Christmas!

Until next time.


  1. I love this movie but I always watch it on Halloween. The two movies I watch for Christmas are The Santa Clause and Jingle all the way….don’t judge me 😛
    It’s like a tradition now.


  2. I love this movie, I haven’t watched it since I was about 10 and completely forgot the name of it until recently. I still knew the songs and characters though lol


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