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Worst Movies of 2016

Oh here it is! The one post to cause a lifetime of debate. Well, that’s if you don’t agree with me! These are my top 5 worst movies of 2016, in no particular order, of course.


Starting off with a big one: Batman v Superman. I found this film so horrendously boring! It had barely any action that was good, the only good part was Wonder Woman, and Batman just seemed like a bit of a little bitch. There wasn’t enough Batman v Superman in the literal sense and the whole Martha thing still annoys me even to this day. In my opinion, don’t watch this movie!




Oh Suicide Squad we had such high hopes for you. This movie could’ve been great but fell flat so hard. It had no character development besides Harley Quinn and Deadshot. The story was mediocre and the dialogue was very hard to sit through. I still believe stand alone films would’ve been amazing, especially as most of the characters were incredibly strong. This is why I am hoping Harley Quinn’s movie will be good, but looking back at the DC movies, I’m not too sure



X-Men Apocalypse. I’ve never really been that into X-Men movies anyway but this one just seemed thrown together and didn’t really have that good a structure. The villain wasn’t amazing and the characters were meh at best. Wolverine was thrown in for the hell of it and it seemed to drag along and be over way too quickly. Nightcrawler was the lamest character I’ve seen in a long time too. Why was he even there?!





TMNT Out of the Shadows, I’m going to be honest, I slept through most of it. The characters from the original cartoons should have been brilliant but were just dumb and a bit weird. Especially with the transformations. The TMNT themselves were very whiny and had the same sort of issues as the first one and, to be honest, my favourite scene was Megan Fox at the start when she’s in that schoolgirl outfit. You can tell she’s still only there for eye candy!




Now You See Me 2 wasn’t that bad a film but it still wasn’t the most enjoyable. Good old Harry Potter’s character was just weird and a bit lame and what was up with Morgan Freeman in that prison? He had it good! This movie just fell flat for me especially as I still don’t understand the ending to the first one. I’d rather watch the first one though, it was a new idea with a good cast and was interesting. This one just wandered along behind trying to be like its big brother. Oh and the female cast member, she can leave, right now.


So those were my top worst films of 2016. Any surprises? Any you thought were worse? Let me know!

Until next time.




  1. I actually enjoyed watching Suicide Squad at the time but it was ultimately very disappointing compared to what it could of been. I’d say it was better than xmen though.

    Roxie |


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