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2016: A Thank You

Now this is not like my usual posts, and it’s going to be incredibly personal, but I wanted to write this to look back on all the good things I achieved and not on the negative.

Yes there was plenty of bad things that happened in 2016. From deaths to wars to terrible, terrible elections. But, if you look back on your year, not the world’s year, was it really all that bad?

Here are just a few things I achieved this year:


First Christmas spent with my boyfriend and cooking Christmas dinner myself which amazingly was a huge success!




Moved out of my family home and into my own flat with my boyfriend, and trying to decide what colours to go for (apparently magnolia is a very bad choice, but hey, I like it!)




Graduated with a 2:1 in Performance and Media from the University of South Wales.



Received a photoshoot present from my boyfriend and came out with the most beautiful pictures!




My blog grew and grew and I finally found my niche as a film and TV reviewer. I was even featured on the Twitter ‘moments’ page which was a huge achievement for me.






Presented live on radio at my university to the whole of South Wales.



Had an amazing Valentine’s Day where I was spoilt with breakfast in bed, a Pandora charm, and a romantic evening watching Deadpool!





And finally, I received a Cineworld Unlimited card for Christmas meaning I am able to watch any movie, as many times, at Cineworld! This means more movies for my blog and a lot more diverse reviews too!




So thank you 2016. Thank you for changing my life in ways I could have never imagined. For putting me on a new path with a new perspective.

Thank you to my friends and family. For the ones who never gave up on me and have been there right through this year. The ones who have grown with me and helped me become a better person.

Thank you to my boyfriend. For caring and loving me like a real man should and for giving me the motivation and strength to keep doing what I love.

And finally, thanks to you. You reading this. You who has helped my blog grow and helped me keep upping my game with reviews and updates. Thank you for supporting me, and whether this is the 100th blog post, or the first blog post, thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. It really does mean the world to me.

All I can say is: thank you.

What amazing things came out of your 2016?

Until next time.


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