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January Posts

Hello! Welcome to the New Year! How’s it going? Hope that hangover isn’t killing you too much! I always found orange Lucozade and Dominoes worked a treat for me at uni!

Anyway, onto the post, this one is just to explain what my plans are for January. I have noticed that you don’t know too much about me in the ‘film and TV’ sense so I thought I would do a challenge.


I found this challenge online to talk about a different movie or film related topic every day. I’ve decided to do this for this month as it is the start of the year so I’m going to be very busy and I believe it’s time for you to get to know me!

Of course I will also be putting up reviews of current topics as they happen but this is just so I make sure I have a new review every day.

I will go back to my normal schedule of a post every weekday come February.

Don’t worry about spending all day today in bed, you’ve deserved it after last night!

Happy New Year!


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