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Favourite Movie

Day 1 of the 30 day challenge! My favourite movie, and this movie may be a surprise as it isn’t your typical movie…

The Girl Next Door.


The Girl Next Door is a movie about a young boy called Matthew. Matthew wants to be president one day so is your typical good boy with straight A’s and not a crazy bone in his body. A new girl moves in next door (ooo there’s the title of the movie!) and she is housesitting for her aunt. From the first second she turns Matthew’s life upside down with a variety of crazy shenanigans. He starts to fall for her before he finds out from his friend that she is actually an adult film star.


Yep, I said it. Matthew knows she is better than this and tries to save her from this life of ‘dirtiness’. Along the way his friends have their own storylines where they decide to create a new sex ed video as the one they had to watch was awful and ‘they could’ve made a better one with their mums’.

This is a typical coming of age love story with a very big twist. It may seem dirty and wrong but honestly, every time I watch this movie I cry.


This movie is absolutely beautiful and all the characters’ go on such a life changing journey and become such better people it really makes you feel warm and fuzzy. The twist with the girl in it is a bit of a shocker and may turn some people away but they shouldn’t be disgusted or shocked because in the end this movie isn’t even about that, it’s about the love a couple of young people share and how they better themselves through it.

This movie is unconventional, funny and very different which is why you should watch it. It is a movie girls will like, I’m proof of that, but it’s also something a guy would enjoy too (obviously, I mean, it has adult stars in it). Don’t let the thought of it put you off because there is so much more to it then just that. It’s a beautiful movie and one I stumbled upon by chance and I’m so glad I did. I could watch it forever and never get bored.

What’s your favourite movie?

Until next time.


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