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Favourite Action/Adventure Movie

I’m not a huge action/adventure movie girl, so when I say I love this movie, I love this movie. I did a full review here but for now, my favourite action/adventure movie, is Mad Max: Fury Road!


Mad Max was one of those movies that I loved because of Tom Hardy but, actually watching it, it became so much more. I’ve never seen the original Mel Gibson versions so I went into this completely blind and was pleasantly surprised.

The movie is an absolute marvel! It is stunningly filmed, expertly acted and has such a simple yet compelling storyline I was on the edge of my seat waiting for what happens next!

The feminism side to it all is very interesting especially as it isn’t thrown in your face. If you don’t understand what I mean, basically this movie is all about women getting their lives back. They’re willing to risk it all just to get freedom from their captor.


If you haven’t seen this movie I definitely recommend it as it is a stunning piece of cinema. Get your big screen out and your surround sound and become so immersed the rest of the world won’t matter until it’s ended.

This movie also uses a lot of actual real stunts, hardly any of that CGI stuff we see all the time nowadays. This is incredible especially when you see how well choreographed and how much work goes into making the movie so incredible.

Again, if you want a more in-depth review just click here!

What’s your favourite action-adventure movie?

Until next time.

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