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Movie That Makes Me Happy

This movie is a staple of any young girls movie collection. It is a movie you could watch again and again and still feel the same uplifting motivational feelings you felt the first time you watched it. It may not be for the boys in the audience, oh no, but if you’re a girl you have to watch this movie. Of course, I’m talking about Legally Blonde.


Legally Blonde is about a young woman called Elle Woods. Elle Woods is incredibly priveliged and a typical girly-girl.

She loves her boyfriend dearly so when he dumps her because she’s too ‘blonde’ she tries to become exactly the girl he is looking for and believes she will become that at Harvard Law, the law school he has enrolled in. By everyone’s surpise, Elle gets in and does incredibly well, even joining a group of other young bright students in real life court cases.

In the end Elle realises she has so much more to her then just her boyfriend and just because she is blonde doesn’t mean she is dumb. She is breaking all the stereotypes and showing women everywhere they can be anything they want to be.


Legally Blonde is an absolutely amazing movie because it really does tell women and girls everywhere that they can be whoever they want to be. It’s not brains or beauty, it’s brains and beauty! Just because you have blonde hair and like pink doesn’t make you a bimbo, not everything is as it seems on the outside.

Elle Woods is such a feminist icon and she really helped me in learning who I wanted to be and how much I could really achieve. I have gained so much confidence just from watching this movie and, if I ever have a down day, I put it on and it immediately picks me back up again.

If you haven’t seen this movie I highly recommend it as it is one movie every young girl should watch. I didn’t want to write a review for this movie for a long time as I couldn’t put into words how much of a marvel it is for me and no doubt I will talk about it again in the future but I hope this review gives you some idea of how amazing it is.

And seriously, Reese Witherspoon is absolutely stunning and plays the perfect Elle.

What’s one movie that always makes you happy?

Until next time.


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