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Favourite Animated Movie

This movie was the first Disney movie, as an adult, to make me cry. I’m not ashamed to admit it. It is absolutely beautiful and started to turn around what it meant to be a Disney princess.


Tangled is the story of Rapunzel a girl trapped in a tower by an evil witch who kidnapped her from birth. She has always seen these ‘lights’ every year on her birthday and wants to explore. Alongside this story we meet Flynn Rider, a thief, who has big dreams for his future. He accidentally stumbles across Rapunzel’s tower after stealing a crown from the palace and they form an unlikely friendship. Overtime they fall in love blah blah blah and live happily ever after.

We also meet Maximus, a horse with a love of apples that acts surprisingly like a dog. The evil witch who is just, well, evil. And Rapuzel’s parents who maybe the cutest parents ever animated. Oh did I forget to mention Rapunzel has magic powers too? Yeah there’s that.


Tangled is a beautiful movie with stunning animation and wonderful, funny characters. The music is the highlight for me though. It’s so different to other music from Disney while still holding the old Disney charm. My favouirte song of course is At Last I See The Light which accompanies the above scene. With the visuals and the music and everything it is absolutely superb.

If you haven’t seen Tangled I definitely recommend it as it is a beautiful movie. I prefer this to other recent releases too like Frozen and Inside Out. They have their merits, sure, but this moive just stands out for me. Maybe it’s because I’d like a Flynn Rider in my life…going off track a little bit there.

What is your favourite animated movie?

Until next time.


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