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Movie I Loved But Now Hate

When I first saw this movie it absolutely terrified me, but, rewatching it I realised that the idea behind this movie scared me more than the actual movie ever did.


Mirrors stars Kiefer Sutherland and is about mirrors really. It spins the tale that the people you see in the mirror, the reflection, isn’t actually you but is another person in a different reality. Basically you are the only person stopping them coming into our world because you’re blocking the mirror. These mirror people can manipulate our world and kill us off, this includes in the movie a man getting his throat slit from a piece of glass off a mirror and a girl  literally getting her jaw ripped open. Yeah, that one was gruesome.

There’s a whole proper story to it as well with this old woman and demon mirror people and Keifer Sutherland’s family etc but I really can’t be asked to get into that side because it’s a bit ludicrous.


I do believe though that even though the movies a bit rubbish the idea behind it is terrifying. You have to think, when near a mirror, do you see something move out of the corner of your eye? Or is your reflection ever a second too late in mimicking your movements? It sounds dumb but really, it can be pretty terrifying. I used to get scared by my reflection just because it was always looking at me, sounds dumb I know because I was looking back, but it just seemed off to me like it wasn’t really me.

I don’t know. Really, it’s all a bit of a stupid idea but watching the movie at a young age it can terrify you. Like Jaws or Halloween, they may be a little lack lustre but with your little easy manipulated mind, you’ll believe anything.

What movie did you used to love and now hate?

Until next time.

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