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Rogue One Review

Finally, finally after about a month since its release I have finally seen Rogue One. I got a Cineworld Unlimited card for Christmas so used it on this movie. I thought that’d be a great movie to start on, but actually, Rogue One? Rogue One wasn’t that good in my opinion.


Rogue One is a prequel to all the Star Wars movies. It is the story of a group of people who successfully steal the plans for the Death Star and help Luke Skywalker destroy it later on. But they aren’t there to see it happen, continuity I guess. The main woman, yes woman! Is Jyn Erso an incredibly strong young woman who was separated from her parents at a young age and is raised by another man who trains her up to battle against evil. She joins an unlikely team including a blind man, Chirrut Îmwe, an unruly man, Cassian Andor, and his very sassy and funny robot, K-2SO. Together with a few others they take on the dark side and even Darth Vader himself and in doing so start up the great saga that is Star Wars.

I won’t give away the ending, I mean I kind of did but let’s just get past that, because the ending was something I did not see coming. But then again, the ending was kind of the best bit of the movie. For most of the movie it was a lot of talking and a lot of moving about, there wasn’t a lot of action except for the part where Chirrut took on a bunch of Stormtroopers single-handedly (that bit was pretty awesome).

The ending I really enjoyed because it was just a big battle sequence on a beach. Each character had their own parts to play and there was so much going on you couldn’t really get bored. I do have to say one thing that kind of ruined the movie for me, well didn’t ruin, just made it harder to watch was the CGI characters. I understand they can’t go back in time and get the actors to reprise their roles exactly but it still looked too fake. It was very hard to say ‘this is a real person’ when it clearly wasn’t. The CGI reminded me of the CGI from The Polar Express and I’ve already said how creepy I found those people.


The new actor for Darth Vader though, wow I loved him. He had such sass in his walk it was quite funny to watch and he definitely had my attention whenever he was on screen.

Was the movie worth the hype? Oh definitely not, it was very sub-par in my eyes and I did have a toss up between this movie and Assassin’s Creed and, in some ways, I wish I saw Assassin’s Creed instead.

What did you think of Rogue One?

Until next time.


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