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Sherlock Season 4 Review

Spoilers ahead.

I wasn’t sure whether I’d get this review out due to life and such but I thought, no, I have a lot to say about this series so I’m going to say it!


If we just cast our minds back to the weird and wonderful episode that was the New Years special last year it bought back the idea of Moriarty, a man known as probably Sherlock’s arch nemesis. This series follows on from that with a lot of ‘Miss Me?’ messages and subtle hints.

The Six Thatchers

I felt the series started on a strong note with The Six Thatchers. It felt like the old Sherlock episodes we used to know and love and rewatch time and time again. We got to meet little Rosie and looked into parent life with Mary and John. Sherlock was getting used to all this while still trying to crack cases, his big one this episode being Thatcher’s busts being smashed. It turns out this ties into Mary’s past and who she used to be when she was a freelance assassin. It turns out that the lady behind it all has been in the shadows the whole time, quite cleverly mentioned in the first five minutes of the show, and had a very good backstory. Then sadly comes Mary’s demise and John’s upset especially as he has been cheating on her for some time with a woman who met on a bus and he feels, because of how Mary died, it is all Sherlock’s fault.

The Lying Detective

Looking on Twitter after this episode aired a lot of people loved it but I found it very boring and not like the usual Sherlock at all. It was very whimsy and odd and honestly I wish I didn’t waste my time watching it.

We meet the big baddy, or so we thought, of this series called Culverton Smith. Smith is an entrepreneur with big dreams. He likes to hold these meetings where he tells his deepest secrets to his closest employees and family while giving them a drug that will make them forget the secret a few moments later, quite clever. Anyway, it’s his daughter that is the main point here as she remembers part of the conversation with her father and decides to consult Sherlock on it as she is pretty sure he is planning to kill someone. Sherlock visits Smith while he is making an advert for cereal and aptly calls himself the ‘cereal killer’. All this joking about and mind games really messes with Sherlock as he has started to take drugs again. Sherlock tries to attack Smith but is stopped by John who starts beating him up, most likely in a fit of rage over his late wife. Sherlock ends up in hospital where Smith confesses to what he has done and then tries to kill Sherlock. Of course, it doesn’t go to plan and Smith is arrested. John is able to forgive Sherlock for what happened to Mary, especially as he is receiving therapy sessions.

But wait, there’s a twist! It turns out Smith’s daughter never visited Sherlock yet the woman who claimed to be her did exist. For a while now we have heard of a third Holmes sibling and now we get to meet them. Well her! She has been following Sherlock and John for a while now, playing Smith’s daughter, the woman John had an affair with on the bus and even John’s therapist! Wow! What possibly could happen next?


The Final Problem

Wow! What a finale! This may be my favourite episode ever! It follows John, Sherlock and Mycroft visiting the sister in a very high-security prison on an island. It turns out she had talks with Moriarty, thanks to Mycroft, and they hatched a plan against the trio. It turns out she is in charge of the prison and has created games for the three to play. These involve murders, hard choices and very, very tense scenes. It also reveals who Red Beard really was, no he wasn’t a dog, he was, in fact, Sherlock’s best friend and he was killed thanks to the sister’s jealousy. The sister had nobody, she was alone and sad and all she wanted was her brothers, especially Sherlock. In the end, she is stopped, Sherlock realises what he has to do to help her and the world carries on turning. There was a lot more to this episode but I really recommend you watching it!


This series had its highs and lows, it was great in some aspects while some fell a little short. In the last episode, I had goosebumps and was on the edge of my seat at how amazing it all seemed to be. This was like a new Sherlock, the writers and directors took a different turn and it came out amazingly. I can’t believe how wonderful the last episode was and it really is my favourite episode so far.

You learnt so much about Sherlock’s past and what made him who he is. Seeing the change in John and Sherlock, from Sherlock’s sister to Mary’s death, so much happened this series it was definitely a very strong one.

What did you think of this series?

Until next time.


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