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Last Movie I Saw in the Cinema

For Christmas, I got a Cineworld Unlimited card which means I get to see any movie (except 3D) as many times as I want for free! No strings attached! It’s wonderful and I definitely recommend it.

I thought I would start off the use of my card on a high so my boyfriend and I went to see Rogue One.


Rogue One was an incredibly hyped movie, I mean it would be, it’s from the Star Wars franchise! I wanted to go see it for so long and finally got to and, was very, very disappointed.

Not so much disappointed in the effects or the characters but more the overall story in itself. There just wasn’t much to it. Apart from the sassy robot, I found myself incredibly bored and even my boyfriend said he would’ve walked out if he hadn’t paid for his ticket.


I spoke about the movie in more detail in a different review but I also have to comment again on the CGI characters. There was talk that, that could happen to Carrie Fisher in future Star Wars films and has since been denied. I’m so glad they decided not to CGI her in as it would just be weird first and foremost and from how they looked in Rogue One I think it’d be a terrible idea to do it again. CGI animals sure, CGI backgrounds whatever, but CGI people? We are not there yet in making them look anywhere near real people so no thank you.

Was I disappointed that I wasted my first Unlimited viewing on this movie? Yeah a bit, but at the same time, I’m glad I saw it and didn’t have to pay. It was a toss up between this and Assassin’s Creed and honestly, I’d recommend Assassin’s Creed over this. I’d recommend anything over this.

To read my full review click here.

What was the last movie you saw in the cinema?

Until next time.

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