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Best Movie in the Last Year

Let us cast our minds back to 2016, what a year that was eh? I did a “Top Movies of 2016” post on my website the end of last year so this shouldn’t be too hard for me. But who comes out on top? Who was my favourite? Well, there’s only one clear winner.


Yes, it’s a bit of a dumb movie and a bit out there but I love it none the less. The use of breaking the fourth wall and all the meta moments was really a media student’s dream! This movie took superhero movies, something that is incredibly popular at the moment and turned it on its head. No joke was too small for Deadpool and nobody was safe in getting joked about. This movie was a great one and is still one of my favourites. My boyfriend and I even watched it on Christmas (talk about festive).


If you haven’t seen Deadpool I really urge you to watch it because it is a very surprising movie. It’s one that you may go into and think ‘no I’m not going to like this’ but come out with the thoughts that you just need to watch it again! Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the role and I can’t wait to see what they do with Deadpool 2, even though I am a little apprehensive as the first one was so good!

What’s your favourite movie of 2016?

For a more in-depth review of Deadpool click here!

Until next time.


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