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Movie That Disappointed Most

This movie…this movie was so overhyped it was ridiculous. This movie started my hype over DC movies and because of it even Suicide Squad was ruined by my hype. Well no, actually it was ruined by that terrible storyline but I dygress. This movie had so much potential and seriously, seriously fell flat.


Yes finally! Every fanboy/girl’s dream is coming true! It’s time for two of DC’s biggest superheroes to battle it out! What possibly could go wrong?

Well let me tell you.

Batman’s origin story told in a new way again, yawn, like we haven’t seen that already enough times. Superman not really caring about Batman for like, the entire movie, until it bothers him because his family is in danger. Lois Lanes just random reporting, yeah we’d rather watch that then some BatvSuper action! And, of course, the big one.

There is barely any actual Batman v Superman!

For most of the movie Superman doesn’t care and Batman just seems like a little kid who threw his toys out the pram. It was incredibly boring, not much really happened and really all I enjoyed was Wonder Woman. She saved this movie just a little bit for me because she is so stunning, incredibly badass and has the best soundtrack music going for her. Try to listen to that music and not get motivated!


And let’s talk about Martha. Even after watching the director’s cut of the movie I still hate it. Martha Martha Martha, that name will now be tainted for me forever more. It was a stupid cop out to try and resolve the barely there fight and annoyed a lot of people, including me. I think the people who enjoyed it were still wearing their rose tinted glasses that they read all their comic books with!

This movie annoys me so much that I can barely write or speak about it because I go off on such a rant and a tangent about how awful it was. And don’t think I’ll back down if you try and fight me with ‘it wasn’t that bad’ because no, no, it was. It really, really was!

If you want another rant about Batman v Superman you can read that here. Now I need to go listen to some happy music and forget about this film once more.

What movie dissapointed you the most?

Until next time.

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