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Most Overrated Movie

I’m probably going to get a lot of negative comments for this one but oh well, it’s my website, it’s my opinions.

The most overrated movie…


Uh oh.

But yes. I am not a huge fan of Star Wars and honestly, I found the movies to be very boring, apart from The Force Awakens, I liked that one for some reason.

Apart from Return of the Jedi, I fell asleep in every single original and prequel Star Wars film. I just found there was too much talking and not enough action. Also, with the Stormtroopers barely hitting anything it kind of felt like the heroes were never really in that much trouble. Some of the scenes dragged on and on too and just felt like they could’ve easily been cut down.

The actors were good, don’t get me wrong there, but overall I just didn’t enjoy it.


I don’t know why I enjoyed The Force Awakens. I hadn’t seen all the movies before I saw this one but I did understand the storyline. Maybe it was because there were better visual effects or the story was better, who knows, but all I know is I’m never going to get however many hours I spent watching these movies back.

Saying that about The Force Awakens. I didn’t like Rogue One though. I found that again to be a lot of talking and not enough action. Maybe I’m just not meant to be in the little group of Star Wars fans, give me a Harry Potter movie over these any day.

Sorry if I’ve offended anyone!

What movie do you think is ridiculously overhyped?

Until next time.

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