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Most Underrated Movie

This is a movie that I had never heard of before I met my current boyfriend. We watched it on our first date together at his house and it also sparked my love of Tom Hardy. This movie is a biopic about Charles Bronson.


Tom Hardy stars as the infamous Bronson, a man who is incredibly famous in the prison system as he is incredibly violent. He is now known as Charles Salvador. Between prison sentences, he took up bare-knuckle boxing but was sent back to prison for planning an armed robbery. He even wanted to target the Queen to become famous! He has been sentenced to a life in prison after being extremely violent behind the prison walls, including, many hostage situations. Doesn’t he sound swell?

Well, Tom Hardy’s movie shows all this, from him growing up to him committing his first crime. All the way to where we are now in the present day. This movie may sound a bit dull and brutal but it isn’t, even I liked it and I hate these sorts of movies! It has a lot of arty moments that keep you interested and look at Bronson and his mindset in a different way. You also get to see Tom Hardy stark naked, that’s not a bad thing now is it ladies?


This movie is incredibly interesting and Tom Hardy’s acting ability is amazing. Tom Hardy shines in this role and, since this movie, he has just grown and grown as an actor.

If you haven’t seen Bronson I definitely recommend it even if it seems like it won’t be your cup of tea (see what I did there?). The acting, camerawork and editing are all so good you’ll be googling Charles Bronson’s name for weeks after.

What is your favourite underrated film?

Until next time.

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