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Favourite Documentary

David Attenborough is one of my favourite people in all the world. He seems to really care about the environment and is just a kind and caring person. This is why Planet Earth One and Two are my favourite documentaries.


Planet Earth is such an interesting series. You get to go to places not often seen by human beings and see how the animals live there. These places include jungles, forests, freezing cold Antartica and many more. Even in Planet Earth 2, we got to see how animals adapt to urban living with humans.


If you haven’t watched these series’ I definitely recommend them. They are so interesting to see how animals live without humans and how we have changed their worlds around them. The most exciting moment was the infamous lizard/snake chase at the start of the second series. My friends and I watched that scene literally no less than 5 times!

At the end of each episode, you also get to see how they filmed the episode and I find that incredibly interesting as a media student. It’s also so cool to see how many treacherous conditions the team go through just to get the perfect shot.

What’s your favourite documentary?

Until next time.

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