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La La Land Review

Suprisingly enough I never saw anything, apart from the fanfare, about La La Land before I went to see it. No trailers, no nothing, just a few cute little gifs on Twitter. When I saw this movie I expcted it to be good, I mean it’s up for nearly a dozen Oscars, and I came out with a sense of whimsicle happiness and a new love of jazz.


La La Land follows two young people, Mia played by Emma Stone, and Sebastian played by Ryan Gosling. They both want to create things, Mia with films and acting, and Seb with his jazz. Mia works in a coffee shop in Hollywood, a very cute job if I saw so myself, so is surrounded by all these actors and actresses that she wishes she could be. She meets Seb by chance and they slowly grow into a romance who help and motivate each other in their creative endevours. But this causes friction as they spend less and less time together as they are busy touring and recording music. In the end, well in the end, well, I won’t tell you the ending as a lot of people were very 50/50 over it.


La La Land is a stunning movie with so many beautiful scenes. It matches the levels between fantasty and reality beautifully and uses the music to really push the story forward and create emotions in the audience watching. The music is amazing, it is so beautiful and I haven’t stopped listening to the soundtrack since. There are plenty of instrumental moments but also the songs with words are stunning as well as the words really add to the movie overall. I particularly love Emma Stone’s audition song because the metaphors within it are really heartbreaking.


This movie is definitely one to watch even if you’re not a big fan of musicals. It isn’t a Hairspray or a High School Musical, it’s a movie with class and elegance and will bring Jazz back into your life and make you realise how much it adds to your life.

Go watch La La Land and let me know what you think. And discuss with me your thoughts on the ending, without giving anything away, I liked it. To me, it was right and fit the tone of the movie, what happened was what would most likely really happen if it was reality and to me, that was the right thing to do. I like it when art mirrors reality and doesn’t always give in to the audience.

What did you think of La La Land?

Until next time.

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