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Spy In The Wild

Spy in the Wild was something my dad suggested I should watch, so I did, and I binge watched every episode in one go because it’s just so good. It’s nice to have a good nature documentary series that doesn’t involve David Attenborough and still be good. Not dissing David though, I think he’s brilliant.


Spy in the Wild takes robot animals and drops them into the wild with their species. They have a camera in one of their eyes so they can film and watch how animals interact with each other. Of course, there are other cameras too but this mechanical beast is what makes the series so new and innovative.

They were incredibly high tech too with some that could fly and some that were waterproof and could switch from land to see. One that was incredibly clever was the orangutan that had a whole range of facial expressions and movements.

What I found so interesting about this series was that they had fun with it and didn’t take themselves seriously. From a tortoise trying to mate with the robot to dolphins getting high off a puffer fish, it’s definitely a series you should watch. Each episode follows a different emotion or meaning too from friendship to love to mischief.


One that I saw before even hearing about this show was a clip on Facebook where a group of monkies think the robot monkey is dead as it is unresponsive when dropped. Amazingly the animals hold a ‘funeral’ for the dead monkey and appear to grieve together. Something you wouldn’t expect in an animal and, to be honest, emotions that even primitive humans can’t grasp.

The feeling of togetherness. The intimacy with the animals and the way they coordinate each other and react to the robot too is so interesting. If you are only going to watch one episode watch the one with the orangutans, it’s crazy what animals can pick up over time!

This series was aired on the BBC and is still available for a short while so watch it while you can! I definitely recommend it.

Until next time.

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