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Lego Batman Movie Review

I was so excited for this movie. I wanted it to be great especially after how amazing the Lego Movie was. I went to see it the day after it was released, and despite a cinema theatre full of kids, I absolutely loved this movie!


The Lego Batman Movie follows Batman, obviously, as he battles the Joker who unleashes a lot of villians after finding out he isn’t Batman’s favourite villian. A kind of love/hate relationship. Batman has to learn that he can’t always fight alone to beat his villians and that a family is what is really important. This really comes through when he accidentally adopts a young orphan who becomes Robin – the cutest little Robin I’ve ever seen in my entire life. With a lot of funny annicdotes and some very meta moments this movie is definitely one I will happily watch again and again and still laugh at every joke.

This movie is clearly a family movie that a lot of kids will love but really it was a secret nod for the parents. There were so many references to old Batman’s and even the odd rude joke it was something everyone can enjoy. This movie really fit well into what we think of as superhero movies, even including the portal in the sky cliche, but it also added a different element with the lego. The movie being lego was mentioned more than once especially with what Gotham is built on (basically the long floor bits of Lego) and the fact that Batman was a masterbuilder.

What makes it stand out from other superhero movies was the amount of heroes and villians shown off in this film. From the whole of the Justice League to many, many Batman villians including some that barely any people will have heard of. I personally love Condiment King, Google it, seriously.


I won’t give away my favourite part which includes the phantom zone but if you’ve seen this movie you’ll understand what I mean by all the ‘villians’ in this movie. It was clever, it was different and it just worked so well.

I definitely recommend this movie. It is one that I will happily watch again and again and so will you. If you want a superhero movie with a lot more slapstic comedy, a meta storyline and a lot of fourth wall breaking I definitely say this is the movie for you. Lego Batman might even be my favourite Batman too!

What do you think of Lego Batman?

Until next time.


  1. Nice review!
    Can’t say I really liked this. I thought the parody of Batman was a really one-dimensional – yeah we get it his parents are dead. I was hoping for something a bit cleverer. I really loved the LEGO movie so this was a bit of a disappointment.


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