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Let It Shine Lies!

Let It Shine was a talent show on BBC1 that was fronted by Gary Barlow. Basically, if you don’t know, there is a musical tour of Take That happening and the show promised the winners would star in the musical called The Band.

But now…dun dun dun! It’s been found that the show greatly exaggerated what the winners would be doing in the tour. Instead of being the actual Take That boys, as many were led to believe, they would instead be backing singers.

Backing singers.


Really? All that hard work for something they could easily do through stage school? Come on Barlow…a bit of a cop out?

Now I didn’t watch Let It Shine. I wrote a very honest review of what I thought of the show back when it was first talked about and now this has come about I’m glad I didn’t.


The winners, a band called Five to Five won the show and everyone was overjoyed. My Twitter timeline went crazy which shows you how popular this show became. People were even excited to buy tickets to see the shows and the boys in action, but now they’re being pushed to the back? Hardly seems fair.

My issue with this story is that there was never any disclosure on what the winners would get. Yes they’d be the in the Take That musical and that was obvious but to only come out a week after the show finished and reveal the truth? Awful in my opinion. The team and the show almost led their viewers on a wild goose chase, getting them excited over an idea and then cruelly ripping it away.

And what about the winners? Did they know this was their future? Surely it would have leaked had they known and all the hype surrounding the ‘new Take That boys’ must be hard to come to terms with the fact that, that simply isn’t going to happen.

I didn’t like the idea of the series from the beginning and this just cemented by dislike. At least with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s shows they got to be Maria or Joseph, but over here they get nothing but fifteen minutes of fame and a dark corner at the back of the stage.

What do you think of Let It Shine?

Until next time.

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  1. “Backing singers” is just a term that reporters use. It never came out of production teams, either the BBC or the musical. It’s bad journalism on their part. You also become a victim of tabloid press just because you only read parts of it.

    The show always states that they look for a boyband to be in a musical featuring songs from Take That. Through out the whole show (if you actually watched it), it always say that’s the musical isn’t about Take That themselves. BBC, the musical production team both said the band will be front and center as they will be responsible for all 14 songs featuring in the show. How much more starring roles can you ask?

    If you asked me, I am not even sure it’s a good idea since that’s a lot of demands. Most musicals share singing roles among cast members. If these guys can pull it off, hat off to them.


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