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Wonder Woman Trailer Review

Recently a new Wonder Woman trailer was released and, especially for me, I was so excited to watch it. This may be my most hyped movie of the year because I just want it to be good! I want to enjoy it, and from what we’re seeing in the trailers, I think I will.



This trailer is different to the other one released a few months back, this one looks into Diana’s younger years and her training up to be a warrior. It shows from the outset Diana’s determination and drive to do well against all odds. As the trailer progresses we see her growing into a young woman and finding out she has powers within her wrist bands. Then suddenly, Chris Pine drops in….literally. Things take a sinister turn with some clever dialogue and foreboding imagery (oh I’m so excited for this movie!). Diana travels to London with Steve (Chris Pine) where she takes on her Wonder Woman persona complete with the sexiest Wonder Woman outfit I have ever seen and an epic stare. We are then introduced to her sword and her magical whip, a prop that will make all the fan boys squeal. The trailer shows a lot of action scenes as well as a funny little moment at the end and of course the sexy stare off between the two main characters (there always has to be a romance).

I really enjoyed this trailer. It shows off more of the movie but still didn’t give too much away. You can tell it’s going to be full of action and will be very powerful but there are also hints of comedy in certain scenes which I would definitely see as more of a Marvel cinema trait than a DC one. DC always go down the gritty, real-world route but this movie seems to be breaking away from that tradition. Maybe this’ll continue into the Justice League.


This movie is going to be huge. This is the first female led superhero movie to come out in recent years so it has to be good. It has a big task though, not only to inspire and motivate young women who will go to watch it and aspire to be like Diana but it also has to please the fanboys and the die hard comic book fans. I can already see the headlines on how skimpy her Wonder Woman outfit is. How wonderful.

I am excited for this movie. This trailer is badass and ups the hype so much. I just don’t think I’m ready to see Chris Pine topless yet though, I’d rather keep him under wraps.

What do you think of the new Wonder Woman trailer?

Until next time.


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