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Beauty and the Beast Review

The very exciting remake for Beauty and the Beast is released in the UK today and I can’t wait to see it! Of course though, it is a remake, so I thought I’d take some time to look back on the original and what I really thought of that movie.


I was never a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast. Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney movies, but this was never a stand out for me. The only thing I really loved was the songs and I listened to them all off a Disney compilation CD anyway.

Beauty and the Beast could have been different to other Disney movies because, and no offence, Belle had a brain. She enjoyed reading and learning new things especially as her father was an inventor and she wasn’t prepared to marry someone just because people told her to. Instead she falls for a literal beast that locks her away in his castle and has crazy mood swings.

I watch this movie as an adult and think: how can people idolise these characters? Belle had potential, she could’ve done wonderful things and she may do once the movie ends but all we see in the movie is her being emotionally abused by this beast. Yes he has a huge library and softens throughout the film but that doesn’t take away the fact that he was horrific to her when she first came to castle, and her father for that fact.

Beauty and the Beast if you don’t know is a story about a young woman called Belle who lives with her father. Her father stumbles upon a castle where all the ornaments and furniture are sentient beings. He becomes comfortable before being locked up by the Beast for trespassing. Belle takes his place letting her father go free. The Beast knows he needs to break his curse that was put on him as a child and he needs true love for that to happen. Coincidently he begins to fall for Belle and after a few short songs and a montage she falls for him too. The village are horrified by the beast however and vow to kill him, but this doesn’t happen because even though he’s a Beast he’s really a ‘good guy’ and good guys can’t be killed in Disney movies! Belle realises she loves him and they kiss and he becomes a prince again and the curse is broken. Woohoo!

Now, was the village really wrong for wanting to kill the Beast? Oh it’s the old villain line of ‘he’s just misunderstood!’ no he’s not! He’s a moody young adult with a curse on his head and a time limit that is coming to an end. I feel sorry for Belle, I really do, if it wasn’t for her father she wouldn’t be in this mess and now she has to deal with a beastly man for the rest of her life (I’m guessing she can’t get a divorce) when she had so much potential at the start of the movie. She had dreams, goals, aspirations and now she has to deal with a beast instead.


The glazing over of the servants as furniture is very intriguing too. And honestly, Lumiere has always given me the creeps especially with that feather duster.

I’m excited to see the remake to see what happens and what will change. Emma Watson is known as a strong feminist and for her to play an almost Stockholm-syndrome character is very interesting. Yes she fits the part perfectly but will they make any changes due to this actress? The fact that they’ve made LeFou an openly gay character is a great step in the right direction but will they make any other changes? I guess only a viewing of the film will tell.

What do you think of Beauty and the Beast?

Until next time.

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